Questionnaire to determine the basic tendency of personality GPI©

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It is important to me to have significance.
I often feel distanced from other people.
I take great efforts so that as many people as possible accept and like me.
I easily and willingly let others help me.
I easily take risks.
I am quite cautious with my feelings, i.e. I prefer to say what I think rather than what I feel.
If I must act contrary to the expectations of others I feel uneasy and indecisive.
Anxiety, haste, disturbances and changes can disturb me so much that I do not feel well.
Deep inside I feel a desire to be better than others. I want to make the most of my life.
I believe I cannot confide in others easily, I cannot let go of.
The possibility of being rejected is a terrible thought for me.
My peace (time on my own) is very important to me.
That I must do too much and carry too much responsibility is simply the price I pay for my way of life.
It is important to me to be very sure if I want to do or say something.
I do not like to share my opinion when it differs from the one of others.
I dislike being under pressure to perform.
It is important for me that things run well and that the decisive impulses come from me.
I can structure well and I work systematically.
It’s hard for me to say ‘no’.
Perhaps I do not accomplish as much as others, but I am usually (emotionally) stable.
I can initiate things well, I easily “get the ball rolling”.
I do not like at all to jump into a situation without being suffiently prepared.
I try to know what others expect of me so that I can meet those expectations.
I like to postpone unpleasant work.
I can inspire others and fill them with enthusiasm.
It is very important to me to keep the overview.
I have the ability to create a good atmosphere.
Basically, my deepest desire is to have a carefree life without many conflicts.